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  • Adventure Night in Lyons: Watch This Iceberg Flip Over

    Hosted by Oskar Blues Brewery: I am organizing a fundraiser for the Town of Lyons Colorado trails & parks, which were completely destroyed during the flood. We have postponed the event to Saturday, March 22. I’ll be doing a brief multi-media show on alpine rock climbing in Greenland, which...

  • Boulder Weekly Article & Videos Gone Viral

    I’ve recently had a couple videos go viral, one of which means a lot to me, and according to dozens of Lyons locals who have approached me, it means a lot to them as well. I didn’t intend for either of the videos to go viral. Making them was actually a form of therapy for me… a way...

  • Social Media & Adventure Travel

    • This year I tried something new. I married my longtime love of exploratory rock climbing in foreign countries with my business managing social media for other businesses. The plan: go to Greenland to put up first ascents in the remote Torssukatak Fjord, and partner with sponsors and clients...

    • So Glad to Be Home!

      I’ve just returned from my successful rock climbing adventures in Greenland, and I am so glad to be home and plugging back into my business. Team Glitterbomb, comprised of myself, Quinn Brett, and Prairie Kearney, and photographer/climber John Dickey, climbed two notable first ascents of two unclimbed...

    • Meet Our New Social Media Pro, Maija Burkert

      Maijaliisa Burkert is a Minnesota native who helps to manage social media accounts for MergeThis Media clients. Maija earned her first bachelor’s degree in English from the United States Military Academy and was an active duty Army officer for several years. While stationed in Hawaii she earned...

    • Facebook Graph Search: How Will It Affect You?

      Keeping up with Facebook’s changes and understanding what they mean on both personal and business levels is no easy task. You may have heard some rumblings about this thing called Graph Search. It sounds pretty vague, sure, but like all Facebook changes, it just takes a little time and knowledge...

    • Mountain Gear’s Facebook Contest: #RRRVIP

      What do you get when you combine people who live for climbing, the opportunity for clever essays, and an amazing free trip complete with the best gear from big brands and the promise of famous athlete appearances? A super successful Mountain...

    • Meet Craig Muderlak, Artist and Photographer

      Craig Muderlak, a Boulder, Colo. resident originally from Wisconsin, assists MergeThis Media with photography and design. He took our holiday photos...

    • Happy Valentine’s Day from MergeThis Media

      Well, it’s that time of year again. Valentine’s Day. We could wax poetic about how much we love our clients, partners, and awesome friends (which we do). And we could toss in an obligatory picture of some candy hearts. Or we can just skip all of that, wish you a Happy Valentine’s...

    • Going to Greenland!

      Quinn Brett and I received the Copp-Dash Inspire Award and will be going to Greenland to explore and climb big walls mid-June through July. We are so grateful to the American Alpine Club for supporting our adventure with this grant. You can follow the progress of our trip on our

    • Meditations and Moving Mountains

      I wrote this blog post for a blog that I manage for Mountain Gear. I have been a practicing Buddhist for eight years. What that means is that I meditate daily, am part of a sangha (or group) of other Buddhists who are like-minded, share...

    • Happy Holidays from MergeThis Media!

    • Mountain Gear: The Mountain Blog

      I just launched my latest blog project for MountainGear.com, my newest client. The blog will include feature articles by both professional writers and photographers and members of the Mountain Gear community. The blog will include articles on outdoor adventures in the mountains (First Pitch), reviews...

    • The Changing Facebook World

      Have you noticed those random posts in your Facebook news feed? The ones that you didn’t subscribe to, provided by a page you never “liked?” These are promoted posts. This change to news feeds began when Facebook altered how posts are published. Thanks to these changes, brands saw dips in the...

    • Happy (Grumpy) Thanksgiving

      Today I have a deadline: write a Thanksgiving editorial for the MergeThis Media enewsletter. But I have been grumpy for weeks. It’s ironic that I admit this because in the social media world, the most successful businesses often convey the most positive messages. I’m always telling my clients—“Never...

    • The Power of Pinterest: Stonewear Designs

      We launched Pinterest for Stonewear Designs, a women’s activewear company based in Louisville, Colo., back in March. We saw it as an additional outlet for Stonewear’s unique message: turning inner visions into outer...

    • LinkedIn: Behind the Connections

      We all know that LinkedIn is a job searcher’s best friend–call it the professional version of Facebook (with the added capability of getting to see who looked at your profile). But, LinkedIn has many benefits beyond just finding employment or searching for the right assistant. Use it to...

    • Meet Jen Perez, Graphic Designer, Owner, Open Window Design

      Jen Perez, a Carbondale, Colo., transplant from Ashland, Ore., (who’s also lived in Juneau, Alaska), assists MergeThis Media with graphic design. She designed the website and E-newsletter banners and templates for various clients, including Stonewear...


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    Our Team: Maija Burkert

    Maijalisa Burkert’s love affair with social media began when she was interning for Sun Microsystems back in 2008. She was instantly taken with the social web, “I loved the simplicity of Twitter, as well as #talking #in #hashtags, which just makes everything more fun!” she says. An avid rock and ice climber, Maija fits right in with the active sports enthusiasts on the MergeThis Media team. Maija is our Twitter Goddess, and she engages our clients’ customers utilizing Instagram and Facebook. She is married to an active-duty soldier, and currently lives in Clarksville, Tennessee.




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